CIS Services – Norman Coast association’s partner

CIS Services is pleased to support the Norman Coast entertainment association’s project “Le Quai des égarés”.

With its cinematic experience, Norman Coast entertainment, association based in Le Havre, is going to produce a short film. It will be  exclusively shot in Le Havre for two weekends, early August and early November.

Norman Coast will enjoy the natural scenery of Le Havre more and more popular for filming, to immerse ourselves in the universe of the 50s when the city was already one of the major French ports. Indeed, this thriller will take place in Le Havre docks but also in the disctrict of Saint-François, two historic districts of the maritime life of Le Havre.

This association of volunteers created in 2012 has already produced short films, showreels and video clips for music groups.

CIS Services, sensitive to the cultural life of Le Havre, decided to support this project by participating in the crowfunding campaign. Indeed, Norman Coast needs to raise funds to be able to rent all that in decor and accessories to recreate the atmosphere of that time.


You can get more information about this project here : “Le quai des égarés”

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